Silver Creek Maintence Fee payments

For mail payments

Payments may be mailed or paid online.  Send mail payments to:

Silver Creek HOA

c/o Kentucky Realty Corporation

3944 Bardstown Rd

Louisville, KY 40218


For online payments

  • Log into the KY Realty page by double-clicking on the Kentucky logo in the picture.  This will open a separate page in your browser.

  • You will need the MANAGEMENT ACCOUNT NUMBER (0113), HOA ASSOCIATION NUMBER(00217) and your 5-digit PROPERTY ACCOUNT NUMBER (#####).  THESE ARE LOCATED ON YOUR INVOICE (see sample invoice above).  Enter the numbers  where requested, including any leading zeros, then follow the prompts to enter your card or checking account info.

  • There are four options at the bottom of the page.  You can make a one-time withdrawal from your CHECKING account or CREDIT/DEBIT card.  Note there is a 3% surcharge for a credit/debit payment.

  • Your may make recurring payments by registering your account and entering the information required.  Clicking the "I accept the terms and conditions" box will bind you to future recurring payments.  This can be removed by updating your registered account.