From the HOA President

Security Issues

With the sudden increase in criminal activity in and around our neighborhood, the Silver Creek board has been looking for ways to support local authorities while increasing the safety of our neighborhood.   We’ve had many discussions with our LMPD patrolling officer, Sergeant Joseph Seamon, regarding things we can do as a community to help reduce the chances of becoming a target.  He highly recommends upgrading the lighting in the neighborhood. He also mentioned that camera footage of crimes that are sent to the LMPD helps catch and build cases against the perpetrators.

As a result of these discussions, the Silver Creek HOA has begun making arrangements to upgrade all of the street lights within the neighborhood from the existing dull HPS (High Pressure Sodium) bulbs to the more modern LED lights.  We are also reviewing what it would take for every home in Silver Creek to own a Ring (or equivalent) type doorbell system.  The doorbell surveillance videos would be owned and managed by the homeowner.  A community network like this would not only support the LMPD if video surveillance is needed but also our neighbors if they need a different vantage point of a crime that has been committed.  

For those residents that have registered your email addresses with the Silver Creek HOA, an email will be sent shortly containing the same information.

You can register by sending your name, address and email address to http//

Costco has these available in store for about $125 for a doorbell system.

Silver Creek Christmas


Happy Holidays

This is that time of year again where our residents  take great pride in decorating their house.  It's always a tradition to drive the streets and take in the beauty  our neighbors have created.  For neighborhood bragging rights, our HOA will pick the top three houses and their pictures will be posted here on this very page and the results are in!

Special thanks

Thanks to all who decorated their homes in the spirit of Christmas and to the HOA for the work that they do.  You make Silver Creek a better place to live!

Neighborhood Safety


There continues to be attempted car break-ins in the community by roving thieves checking cars for unlocked doors.  Also, one of our residents unfortunately had their car stolen from their driveway recently.  Again, if you must leave your your car in your driveway overnight, please be sure it is locked  with no valuables such as briefcases, backpacks and laptops inside.  In addition, take in your garage door opener if possible and leave your garage lights on.   

Councilman Winkler and our own part-time patrolman noted that police are aware of the increase in auto break-ins and theft and are coordinating their resources to combat this.

Safety tips are in Mr. Winkler's district newsletter from time to time.  Check the latest edition of the councilman's newsletter is available in the HOA FAQ section of the site.

For your security, make this 9 P.M. routine a part of your daily homeowner habit.

For your security, make this 9 P.M. routine a part of your daily homeowner habit.

Fall Newsletter

Now available for download

The fall/winter newsletter is now available here and also under the Download drop-down menu.  You may have already had one placed in your mail box, but if not, click to see the latest information from your HOA.

Halloween Parade 2019

Thanks to the all kids (and parents) who came out for the parade and braved the wind and cold to collect their goodies throughout our neighborhood.  It was heartwarming to see the number of kids who came out AND the families who manned their porches to give out candy in the cold.  It shows that Silver Creek is one of the best neighborhoods in this area to live and raise a family.  The HOA hopes  to see everyone again next year!

Check out the Photo Gallery to see some of our menagerie of little ghouls, goblins and a few princesses.


Public Drop Off Recycling

The following was reprinted from the Metro Council District 17 newsletter (8/9/19):

If  you do not have residential curbside recycling service or if you have  too much for your bin/cart, Metro Government has several free recycling  drop-off locations for your convenience. Some are staffed by Public  Works employees while others are self-serve. Here's an interactive map of the different locations.

Self-service locations are appropriate for the following:

  • flattened cardboard
  • paper containers and cups
  • milk, juice, and soup cartons
  • newspapers/inserts, phone books, magazines, junk mail, and office paper
  • plastic bottles, cups, and containers
  • glass bottles and jars
  • metal bottles and cans

Full-service locations accept the above items as well as:

  • used motor oil and filters
  • used anti-freeze
  • used cooking oil

If  the dumpster is full, please contact Metro311. Crews empty the bins on a  regular schedule, but sometimes they get full sooner than expected.



December 25 2019


Event Details

December 25 2019


Happy Holidays to all our residents from the Homeowner Association

Odds and Ends


Need a New Mailbox?

Consider calling the US Post Company.  For more information, call US Post at (502)245-0087.

Free Junk Item Pick-up Every Week

Republic Services will pick up one item of "junk" each week for free.  However, you will have to call Republic to arrange for the pickup in advance.  Call (502)638-9000 or use the Republic Services app on your phone or tablet.

Subdivision Traffic Rules

Remember it is prohibited to park a vehicle on the grass, the sidewalk, or on the opposite side of the street facing traffic. 

Also remember to come to a complete stop at intersections.  An incomplete rolling stop is the same as running a stop sign and you could be cited. 

Littering and Property Upkeep

Keep your property in good condition and free of trash, litter, weeds and leaves, and dismantled or inoperative vehicles.  Curb appeal is important and can add to your home's value, as well as those of your neighbors.

Clean Up After Your Pet

Be a responsible pet owner and neighbor.  A lot of residents use the sidewalks for walking and exercising.  By taking a few minutes to clean up after your pet, you can make the subdivision a better place to stroll without having to avoid land mines.  If your pet defecates on a lawn while you're out walking, please be considerate and bring along items to remove the waste.